Saturday, January 31, 2015

First Impression Review: Lime Crime

Hi Nail Polish Lovers,

In todays post I am so excited to share with you guys my first impression on the Lime Crime products that I recently purchased. I ordered their products through their website ( on January 8th and it didn't arrive until the 23rd (2 weeks). I know many people are experiencing delays with care package due to high volume of orders, but hopefully everyone who ordered from them receive their package in time.

Lime Crime is a makeup company based in Los Angeles and part of the reason why that decided to purchase from them is because of their lovely packaging. I also love how all their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

When I first got my package I thought their vintage floral design was going be on the exterior of the box but it was actually on the interior. Then I later found out that their box was also reversible (which is awesome!). 

All of the products that I ordered were wrapped in a vibrant blue-green tissue paper. I ordered 4 cream nail polish and 1 liquid matte lipstick. For the nail polish, I choose the colors Once in a Blue Mousse (pastel blue), Parfait Day (pastel pink), Lavendairy (pastel purple), and Milky Ways (cream white). For the liquid matte lipstick, I decided to get the color Suedeberry.

Lime Crime Nail Polish

Once in a Blue Mousse

This first color is called 'Once in a Blue Mousse'. It is a pastel blue color which reminds me of a tiffany blue color. So heavenly!

Parfait Day

The second color is color called 'Parfait Day'. It is a pastel pink color that reminds me of a barbie pink. So pretty and feminine.


Next, is a color called 'Lavendairy' which is a pastel purple color that reminds me of the color of their unicorn lipsticks. Super cute (I feel like a unicorn princess wearing this color!) 

Milky Ways

Lastly, is the color called 'Milky Ways' which is a cream white color that your could wear with any outfit. Since its a neutral color it will match with anything you wear.

Lime crime has 3 more colors to chose from called Pastelchio (lime green), Crema de Limon (pastel yellow), and Peaches & Cream (pastel orange). But I chose these 4 colors because I thought I would wear them often. 

Thoughts & Feelings: Lime Crime Nail Polish
Pros - Overall, I really like the consistency of their cream nail polish because they are super opaque. One or two coats should do the job. I thought the names that Lime Crime chose for their nail polish were very cute and creative. Also, I really like their nail polish brush applicator (medium thickness; it's thicker than Essie's nail polish brush). 

Cons - However, their frosty packaging can be deceiving because most nail polish bottles that I've seen with a frosty matte packaging are known as matte nail polish and these are actually cream nail polish. I think it would of been nice for them to also have matte nail polish in their nail polish collection (or you can just apply a matte top coat but "ain't nobody have time for that!") to match with their packaging. Also, their labels on the bottom of the nail polish don't stick all that well to the bottles because of the matte texture of the packaging.

Lime Crime Velvetines: Suedeberry
Another product that I bought are the Velvetines which are a liquid matte lipstick that comes in a container that looks like a lipgloss (also the packaging is frosty matte). I got the color 'Suedeberry'. The application brush tip is small and the consistency reminds me of NYX matte lip creams (which are more affordable but the they don't last that long compared to the Velvetines). It looks like a red orange color and this is how it looks like on my lips and after its dry it doesn't transfer which I love.  

Thoughts & Feelings: Velvetines
Compared to NYX matte lip creams, the Lime Crime Velvetines is pretty pigmented and I feel like it is last longer than the NYX matte lip creams. Also, I like the fact that after this product drys it doesn't transfer to anything I eat (which is a plus). 

Lime Crime Nail Polish: $8 each
Lime Crime Velvetines: $20 each


***Disclaimer: All photos are shot and edited by me.***

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